Reduce Imaging Time, Reduce Injected Dose

A PharmaLogic exclusive, our proprietary Wide Beam Reconstruction is one of the only software solutions in the industry that enables up to a 50% reduction in imaging time, allowing for increased patient comfort without compromising image quality.



Integrate with your existing camera system for ease-of-use.

Image Quality

Improvement in SPECT image resolution and increased image contrast for enhanced small lesion detectability.

Dose Reduction

Decrease injected dose to the patient without compromising image quality and scan times.

Scan Times

Significantly reduce scan times, allowing for improved patient comfort and department efficiency.


Reduced Injection Doses, Minimizing Patient Radiation Exposure

Improved Department Productivity

Reduced Scan Times, Delivering Higher Patient Comfort and Throughput

Seamless Product Integration and Automated Operation

Improved Image Quality for Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence

Dual-Isotope Imaging

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