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We provide a full line of radiopharmaceuticals, ancillary products, and supplies used in nuclear medicine for diagnosing disease, planning treatment regimens, and evaluating a patient's progress and response to therapy. Additionally, we are always open. Emergency, add-on, or "stat" doses are delivered immediately.

Radiopharmacy, Inc. provides a full line of radiopharmaceuticals, ancillary products, and supplies used in nuclear medicine. These products are used for diagnosing disease, planning treatment regimens, evaluating a patient’s progress, and evaluating a patient’s response to therapy.

We provide our clients with some amazing features:

  • We are always open – 24/7/365.
  • Emergency, add-on, or “stat” doses are delivered immediately.
  • Itemized invoices listing each individual prescription dispensed, so pharmaceutical charges can be easily matched to individual patients.
  • Resources provided by us and trusted organizations.

Additional services which we provide:

We provide a wide variety of services. If something is not listed in which you have need of, please give us a call or send us an email with your inquiry.

Continuing Education

Every health care professional needs high-quality continuing education to keep current and maintain licensure. No one makes it easier to get that education than Radiopharmacy, Inc.

NMTCB Policy on Continuing Education: The NMTCB entry-level examination is a test of knowledge. The knowledge base for nuclear medicine technology continues to change. Therefore, persons certified by the NMTCB must demonstrate a continued accumulation of knowledge about the field. A minimum of 24 hours of CE credit must be obtained over a period of two years.

Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board
CriticalPoint Nuclear Medicine Series Courses (Please contact Radiopharmacy to obtain an access code)
Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist VOICE Exams
Society of Nuclear Medicine Physician Exams
Nuclear Medicine Technology Resource Site


Utilizing Radiopharmacy’s services and expert personnel can make compliance with all of the rules and laws from the varied regulatory and certifying agencies much easier.

NRC Regulations

I-131 Written Directive Compliance Guidelines
Part 19 – Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers: Inspections and Investigations
Part 20 – Standards for Protection Against Radiation
Part 35 – Medical Use of Byproduct Material
Specific Guidance About Medical Use Licenses
NRC Quarterly Newsletters

Kentucky Administrative Regulations

902 KAR 100:012 – Fee Schedule
902 KAR 100:019 – Standards for Protection Against Radiation
902 KAR 100:040 – General Provisions for Specific Licenses
902 KAR 100:070 – Transportation of Radioactive Material
902 KAR 100:072 – Use of Radionuclides in the Health Arts

Illinois Regulations

Part 310 – General Provisions for Radiation Protection
Part 320 – Registration and Operator Requirements for Radiation Installations
Part 330 – Licensing of Radioactive Material
Part 331 – Fees for Radioactive Material Licensees and Registrants
Part 335 – Use of Radionuclides in the Health Arts
Part 340 – Standards for Protection Against Radiation
Part 341 – Transportation of Radioactive Material

DOT Regulations

172.201 – Preparation and Retention of Shipping Papers
172.403 – Class 7 (radioactive) material
172.436 – Radioactive White-I label
172.438 – Radioactive Yellow-II label
172.704 – Training Requirements

Regulatory Agencies

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The Joint Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Department of Transportation (DOT)


Compliance and Accuracy in Imaging Reimbursement

Our personnel are always available to assist you with billing, coding, and reimbursement issues. Customers of Radiopharmacy are eligible to receive personalized reimbursement services from a professional coding and reimbursement consultant.

See the quick links below for general reimbursement information and specific product reimbursement information.

Helpful Links

SNM Coding Corner
Stark Law Q&A
Coding News
Articles and Publications
CMS Links

Specific Product Reimbursement Information

Mallinckrodt Products Include: OctreoScan, Mag3, Xe-133, Sestamibi, Tl-201, UltraTag
GE Products: Includes DatScan, AdreView, MyoView, Vizamyl

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Radioactive Drugs

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Non-Radioactive Drugs

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Carbon 14 Urea Breath Test

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