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Radiopharmacy, Inc. publishes a Newsletter every month with local Nuclear
Medicine Community information, information on new products, and reviews
of current procedures. Links to the most recent "Monthly Scan" Newsletters
are listed below. Just click on the issue you want. If you have any questions,
feel free to contact us.
All "Monthly Scan" Newsletters copyright of
Radiopharmacy, Inc.

1st Quarter 2013: Cardiac CT vs. MPI, SPECT bests ECG, CZT SPECT, Adreview, Ceretec WBC, iPhone Diagnosis, Urea Breath Test, Fiscal Cliff, Cheesy Gastric Emptying, Nuclear Medicine: Sources of Error, Hope for Harlie


3rd Quarter 2012: AMYVID; Reimbursement Info for Cardiac Stress Testing; Infiltrated Radiopharmaceuticals; I-123 vs. I-131; Hope for Harlie; HAZMAT Help; Sources of Error; CE Opportunities

2nd Quarter 2012:  Radioimmunotherapy; FDA Approval: AMYVID; CMS Rules Contribute to Drug Shortages; Pain Meds and Hepatobiliary Imaging; Pain Management Alternatives

1st Quarter 2012:  2012 Concerns for Nuclear Medicine;  FDA Update on Ongoing CardioGen-82 Investigations;  Zevalin Scanning Requirement Changed;  JNM & JNMT New Mobile Interface;  Coding Q & A;  Reimbursement Update.

4th Quarter 2011:  Current Information on Alpharadin;  FDA and Mobile App Oversight; Imaging iPhone App;  Accreditation Update;  Methylxanthines and Pharmacologic Stress Testing

3rd Quarter 2011:  Gamma Imaging Bests Ultrasound;  UltraSpect Update;  Sulfur Colloid vs. Blue Dye;  Accreditation Update;  SNM Image of the Year;  FDA Warning:  CardioGen-82;  Urea Breath Test;  Nuclear Medicine:  First Year of Life;  I-131 Regulations;  Delayed I-131 Therapy Costly

2nd Quarter 2011:  Dedicated Cardiac SPECT comes of age;  SNM Coding Q & A;  Radiation Risks to Health;  PET & Meth;  I-131 & Hotels;  JNMT:  Should Techs Bioassay?;  JNMT:  Tech Radiation Exposure
1st Quarter 2011:  Cardiac Testing for Depressed Patients;  CMS Announcement;  Sentinel Mapping;  Radiopharmaceuticals for Bone Pain;  Breast-Specific gamma imaging
3rd Quarter:  End of Tc99m Shortage;  CMS Announces Fee Schedule;  PET Reimbursement Update;  Neoprobe Update;  SPECT Info;  V/Q Patient Position;  Cheesy Gastric Emptying;  Kit Prep Guidelines  
May 2010:  Ceretec Scintigraphy;  Tl201 vs ECHO;  Filtered Sulfur Colloid and lidocaine;  NRC Report:  I-131 in feeding tube;  Hepatobiliary Scinitgraphy:  Sources of Error;  I-123 MIBG has value;  Medicare Cuts Delayed;  CE Opportunity:  Evansville Seminar  
February 2010:  Tc99m Update;  Sincalide Stimulated Cholestingraphy; Axillary Reverse Mapping;  Gastric Emptying:  Sources of Error;  Coding Update;  Cardiac Cuts Opposed;  FDA Initiative on Exposure;  CE Opportunity  
January 2010Tc99m Update;  Chocolate Interaction with RBC's;  ALPHARADIN Phase III;  ACC Sues Government;  14C-Urea Breath Test;  Parathyroid Imaging
December 2009:  Pulmonary Embolism;  PET on Cocaine;  Cardiac Imaging and Proton Pump Inhibitors;  Projected Reactor Restart;  CMS Issues Memo;  Florbetaban Phase III Begins
November 2009:  ACR:  Medicare Cuts May Cost Lives;  Product Pipeline;  Returning Waste to Radiopharmacy;  Coding Webinar;  Renal Imaging Revisited.
October 2009:  AMA CPT Codes Released; CARE Bill Update; New Imaging Agent;  Breastfeeding Info;  Lexiscan Studied.  
September 2009:  FDA Approves Expanded Use of Zevalin®;  CE Meeting;  Cotara® Performs Well;  Patient Control Systems;  NRC Enforcement Actions;  Used Items for Sale;  Radiopharmacy Services;  Tech Job Line  
August 2009:  NRC Update;  Reimbursement Issues for Nuclear Cardiology;  Case Study:  Bone Infarctions;  Free Continuing Education;  DatScan® Update;  Radiation Health Effects;  Used items for Sale;  Radiopharmacy Services;  Tech Job Line.  
July 2009: NRC Update;  Where is Moly made?;  Isotope Shortage Solution;  New Radiation Pill;  Infection & Inflammation Imaging;  NRC Enforcement Action;  X-ray risk.com;  Used items for Sale;  Radiopharmacy Services;  Tech Job Line
June 2009:  SNM 2009 Image of the Year;  Case Study:  Neuroendocrine Tumors;  Cotara® Update;  Heart Group Updates MPI Guidelines;  DatScan® NDA;  Used items for Sale, Tech Job Line;  Generator Update;  Day at the Races.
April 2009:  Gated SPECT;  Horizon FLT PET; Joint Commission;  Radioactive Waste;  Dialysis Interactions;  Radiopharmacetical Alterations in Biodistribution;  Linearity Check;  Tech Job Line  
March 2009:  Octreoscan®; Case Study:  Renovascular Hypertension; Infrequent Performed Studies Q & A;  Zebrafish; SNM Coding;  Kinevac Stability;  Used Items for Sale;  KSNMT Meeting; Tech Job Line
February 2009:  SPECT MPI; Gastric Emptying Q & A; Alpharadin Starts Phase III; SNM Coding Q & A; Items for Sale; Tech Job Line

January 2009
SPECT-CT Improves Thyroid Cancer Treament; PET
Coverage Update; Sentinel Node Biopsy Licensing
Requirements; Online CE Opportunities; 2009
Reimbursement - Cardiovascular Nuclear Imaging; Used
Items for Sale; Nuclear Medicine Crossword Puzzle; Tech
Job Line
CE Opportunities
December 2008
Mo-99 Supply Update; Podcasts, Seminars, CE Meetings;
NRC Record Retention & Reporting Requirements; Used
Items for Sale; Tech Job Line
NRC Record Retention & Reporting

NRC Reporting Requirements
November 2008
Radioimmunotherapy for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)
Treatment Significantly Improves Clinical Outcomes; Nuclear
Medicine Procedures Up in 2007; Case Study: Thoracic
Splenosis; Reimbursement Update; Lexiscan
Reimbursement; Items for sale; Tech Job Line
SNM Coding Corner
September 2008
Pulmonary Embolism Debate; USP <797> Q & A; Product
Pipeline CorVueTM; AdreView Approval; JNM Online
Access; Radiopharmacy, Inc. Miscellaneous Products; Tech
Job Line
Don't Bury the V/Q Scan
August 2008
Personal Annual Radiation Dose Calculator; Case Study:
Subacute Testicular Torsion; Reimbursement Q & A,
Reimbursement News; Survey Meter Calibration; Reducing
CT Radiation Dose; CE Opportunity
    Click on picture
to see more info
on Bismuth
Breast & Eye
July 2008
New Online Resources; Radiopharmaceutical Pipeline;
Reimbursement Q & A; Image of the Year; CE Opportunity;
A Patient's Guide; Tech Job Line
June 2008
NRC Guidance to Protect Children; Case Study: Sickle Cell
Anemia; Canada Pulls Plug on Costly Reactor; Lexiscan
Approval; CE Available; New Faces at Radiopharmacy, Inc.;
Tech Job Line

April 2008
USP <797> and Nuclear Medicine; Everyday Exposure to
Radiation; Radiopharmacy e-mail Alerts; Case Study:
Metastatic Prostate Carcinoma; Technolgist Job Line; Free
Continuing Education
March 2008
Lung Ventilation Perfusion Imaging; Case Study: Terminal
Ileum Carcinoid Tumor; NRC Clarification: Changes in
Physician AU Status; Update Radiopharmacy with RAM
License Amendments; Reimbursement Q&A: Cardiac
Supervision; Technologist Job Line
February 2008
Tc99m-Sestamibi for Malignant Brain Tumor Imaging; Case
Study: Left Shoulder Malignant Melanoma; Continuing
Education; Proposed Legislation: Consistency, Accuracy,
Responsibility, and Excellence in Medical Imaging and
Radiation Therapy Act of 2007 (CARE Act); Reimbursement
News; Cardiolite Patent Status; SNM To Launch Free Daily
E-News Service; Radiopharmacy e-mail Alerts; Technologist
Job Line

January 2008
Latex Allergy Patient Information; Case Study: Soft Tissue
Mass Detected on Bone Scan; Reimbursement: CMS
Requires HCPCS Codes for Tracking Use of Diagnostic
Radiopharmaceuticals; Regulatory: Dose Limit for Patient
Release Under 10 CFR 35.75; Canadian Internet
Pharmacies: Are They Safe?; Radiopharmacy e-mail Alerts;
Technologist Job Line
December 2007
Radioimmunotherapy Reimbursement; Case Study:
Pulmonary Embolism; Reimbursement Q&A:Billing Discarded
(Wasted) Radiopharmaceuticals; I-131 Release Criteria;
NRC Enforcement Actions; Technologist Job Line
November 2007
Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy: Patient Preparation; Medications
that Contain Narcotics; High-Dose Quadramet for Cancer
Treatment; Technologist Job Line; Kentucky to Require
CNMT; Lead Times for Non-routine Radiopharmaceuticals
October 2007
Grave's Disease: Predictors of Radioiodine Therapy
Success; Case Study: Toxic Multinodular Goiter; NRC
Information Notice: Compliance with I-131 Written Directive
Requirements; Bristol-Myers Squibb Seeking Patent
Extension for Cardiolite; ACR Accredited Facilities in Our
September 2007
Is SPECT Tumor Imaging History?; Case Study: In-111 WBC
Scintigraphy, Infected Dialysis Catheter; Linearity Check;
Clinical Q&A: Tc-99m v. In-111 WBCs; NRC Event
Notification: Higher Dose than Prescribed for I-125 Seeds;
Happy Nuclear Medicine Week!
August 2007
Continuing Education: Q&A; Case Study: Hodgkin's
Lymphoma; SNM CE Offerings; Radiopharmacy Services;
Technologist Job Line
July 2007
CMS Issues Proposed HOPPS 2008; Case Study:
Evaluation of Hepatic Chemotherapy Infusion Pump; ICANL
Accreditation Services; Returning Radioactive Waste to
Radiopharmacy; Silicon-Free Syringes
June 2007
Radiopharmaceutical Adsorption in Syringes: Silicon Free
Syringes; Case Study: Radiation Nephritis; Clinical Q&A:
Technetium Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry; Are Infiltrated
Radiopharmaceuticals Dangerous?; Survey Meter Calibration
May 2007
Nuclear Imaging Accreditation: ICANL vs. ACR; Case Study:
Septic Arthritis; Reimbursement Q&A; Clinical Update:
Aliskerin Drug Interaction; Contraindications and Warnings
for Radiopharmaceuticals; Regulatory Information Notice:
I-131 Medical Events

Contraindications for
April 2007
Gastric Emptying Simplified: Case Study: Cisternography for
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus; Reimbursement Answers:
Limited Area and SPECT Bone Scans; Pediatric Dosing
Guidelines; Regulatory Issues: Exempt Consumer Product
Uses of RAM; Technologist Job Line
March 2007
Radionuclide Therapy; Case Study: Tc-99m Brain Death
Study; Reimbursement Answers: Payers to Require
Accreditation; C-14 Urea Breath Test Confounding Factors
Update; New Radiation Symbol; Radioiodine Uptake with
I-131; Technologist Job Line
February 2007
Anti-18F-FACBC PET/CT in Prostate Cancer; Case Study:
Metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma to the lungs and neck;
Reimbursement Answers: Multiple MPI Studies; Clinical Q &
A: How is SUV determined for PET Studies?; How much is
too much radiation?; Technologist Job Line   
January 2007
Radiopharmaceutical Pipeline: Cotara; Case Study:
Secondary Bone Scan Findings; Reimbursement Answers:
Multiple Imaging Procedure Discount; Clinical Q&A: Gastric
Motility; Regulatory Issues: NRC Enforcement Action;
Technologist Job Line
December 2006--No Newsletter
November 2006
Reimbursement Answers: CMS Final Rule 2007; Case
Study: Dehydration; Radiopharmacy Opening New
Pharmacy; WBC Labeling: New Cases for Syringe
Transport; Technologist Job Line
October 2006
D-SPECT Imaging System; Case Study: Malignant Otitis
Externa; Continuing Education: TNMTA Seminar; Clinical
Q&A: Pediatrics; ICANL Accreditation; Job Openings
September 2006
Radioimmunotherapy Prospects; Case Study: Metastatic
Prostate Carcinoma; Reimbursement Answers: Lung
Ventilation Supplies; Clinical Q&A: C-14
H. Pylori Breath
Test; Regulatory Issues: Airport Security Radiation
Detectors; SNM Offers Free Access to Journal Publications
August 2006
Product Pipeline: Zemiva; Case Study: Right-to-Left Cardiac
Shunt; Reimbursement Q & A; 2006 Image of the year; Kit
Prep Help; Dirty Bomb Scenarios; Nuclear Medicine
Records; Cell Phone Radiation; Job Technologist Line
July 2006
Mo-99/Tc-99m Generators: From Reactor to Patient; Case
Study: Mycobacterial Infection; Reimbursement Answers:
Tc-99m Exametazine WBC; Clinical Q & A:
Radiopharmaceutical Uptake; Regulatory Issues: Dose
Calibrator Measurement of beta-emitters; NRC Enforcement
June 2006
SPECT/CT; Ga-67 SPECT/CT; Case Study: Meckel's
Diverticulum; Reimbursement Answers: Tc-99m RBCs;
Clinical Q&A: Interventional Agents in Nuclear Medicine;
Regulatory Issues: Dose Limits for Visitors to Hospitalized
Therapy Patients; Technologist Job Line
May 2006
Patient Follow-Up Study; Case Study: Acute Pyelonephritis;
Reimbursement: Stark Law; Clinical Q&A: Thyroid
Hormones, Interaction with Radioiodine Uptake; Regulatory:
Retention of NRC Records; Technologist Job Line
April 2006
Neuroendocrine Imaging with OctreoScan; Case Study:
Bilateral Spondylolysis at L5; Reimbursement:
Implementation of Radiology Quality Initiatives in Illinois;
Clinical Q & A; Regulatory: Licensing Issues for Sentinel
Lymph Node Biopsy Procedures; Technologist Job Line
March 2006
New Imaging Agent Under Investigation for Parkinson’s
Disease; PET Scanning and Exercise; Lead Times for
Ordering Radiopharmaceuticals; Daylight Savings Time;
Technologist Job Line
February 2006
Diagnosis of Renovascular Hypertension; Returning
Radioactive Waste to Radiopharmacy; Survey Meter
Calibration; Tips for Radiopharmaceutical Preparation;
SPECT Bone Imaging For Lower Back Pain
January 2006
New Radiation Safety Officer Training Requirements;  
INFECTON® In Phase II;  Technologist Continuing Education
December 2005
Radiolabeling Red Blood Cells With Pyrophosphate; NRC
Regulatory Issue Summary 2005-24:  Control of Radiation
Dose To Visitors of Hospital Patients; NeutroSpec® Supply
Update; Tc-99m Supply Update; Ultratag® Supply Update;
Co-57 Dose Calibrator Source and Radiation Safety Training
Video Rental
November 2005
Parathyroid Scintigraphy; Linearity Check; Medicare
Reimbursement: Changes for 2006; 2006 Calendars;  
Christmas Party 2005;  Tc-99m Supply Update
October 2005
Radionuclide Gastric Emptying;  Nobel Prize Award for
Helicobacter Pylori Discovery; Radiopharmacy, Inc. After
Hours Contact Information;  Continuing Education;  Christmas
Party 2005
September 2005
Kentucky Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologists Fall
2005 Continuing Education Meeting: “Protocols, Policies, and
Personal Growth: Connecting the Dots for the Big Picture”;
Quadramet® (Sm-153) Reimbursement Coding; Instructions
for Customers Returning Radioactive Waste to the Nuclear
Pharmacy; Patients Receiving Radioisotope Scans Should be
Warned About Triggering False Security Alarms at Airports;
Daylight Savings Time Ends
Returning waste to
Radiopharmacy, Inc.
August 2005
Radiation Safety for Patients Who are Pregnant or
Breastfeeding; TNMTA Meeting:  Radionuclide Therapies for
Cancer Patients; Co-57 Dose Calibrator Source Rental;
Radiation Safety Video Rental; Nuclear Medicine Supplies
and Accessories
Breastfeeding Guidelines
July 2005
SIR-Spheres®: A New Treatment for Non-Resectable Liver
Tumors;  Blood Volume Measurement Clinical Utilization;  
Medicare Proposes Changes;  14C-Urea Breath Test;
Continuing Education; Day at the Races;  Customer
Appreciation Night: Evansville Otters Baseball Game
14C-Urea Breath Test

Continuing Education
June 2005
ZevalinTM Safe and Effective for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Patients with Advanced Disease; Society of Nuclear
Medicine Procedure Guidelines;  Nuclear Medicine
Technologist CE Support from Radiopharmacy;
Radiopharmacy Day at the Races; Technologist Job Line
May 2005
Nuclear Medicine Technologist Continuing Education;
Radiovirotherapy; Cs-131 Brachytherapy; Reimbursement
Updates;  Infection and Inflammation Imaging; KSNMT
Spring Meeting; Day at the Races 2005; New Faces at
Radiopharmacy; Technologist Job Line
April 2005
Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding — Sterile
Preparations; PET Approved For Cervical Cancer Staging;
Clinical Nuclear Medicine Video Tapes; Technologist Job Line
March 2005
Final Reminder For Technologist Meeting: “Quantification of
SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging”; NDC Number for
NeutroSpecTM; Pd-103 and I-125 Brachytherapy Seeds;
Daylight Savings Time Begins; Lead Times For Ordering Non-
Routine Radiopharmaceuticals; New Face at
Radiopharmacy; Technologist Job Line
February 2005
Mammoscintigraphy with Tc-99m Exametazime; Helpful Hints
for the Preparation of Select Tc-99m Radiopharmaceuticals;
Returning Doses for Credit; Survey Meter Calibration;
Technologist Job Line
Kit Prep Help

Technologist Job LIne
January 2005
NeutroSpecTM Reimbursement; New Unit Dose Pig;
Instructions for Customers Returning Radioactive Waste —
Update; Co-57 Dose Calibrator Source, and Radiation Safety
Video Rental; Co-57 Flood Sources and Dose Calibrator
Sources; Nuclear Medicine Supplies; Technologist Job Line
December 2004
Ceretec WBC Scintigraphy For Evaluation of Early Treatment
Response in Ulcerative Colitis; Returning Radioactive Waste
to Radiopharmacy, 2005 Radiopharmacy Calendars;
Congratulations Charlie; Technologist Job Line
November 2004
Patient Preparation for Nuclear Cardiology; Nuclear Medicine
Records: NRC Minimum Retention Periods; Linearity
Check/Lineator Rental
NRC Minimum Retention Records
October 2004
Risk of Allergic Reactions From Potassium Iodide (KI) Use;
Radiopharmacy, Inc. After Hours Contact Information;  
Co-57 Capsules for Schilling Testing Now Available. Intrinsic
Factor Capsules still unavailable.; Survey Meter Calibration;
Christmas Party 2004
September 2004
Radiopharmaceutical Pipeline; NeutroSpec™ Available;
Returning Doses For Credit
Go to Radiopharmaceutical PIpeline

August 2004
Adenosine-Exercise Stress Combination in Myocardial
Perfusion Imaging; Enhancing RBC Mass Test Accuracy;
MDP Reformulated; Co-57 Source Rental; Radiation Safety
Videos; Nuclear Medicine Supplies and accessories
July 2004
FDA Approves Neutrospec™; AcuTect™(Apcitide) Returns
to Market; Pediatric Dosing Guidelines; 14C-Urea Breath
Test; New Faces at Radiopharmacy; Radiopharmacy Day at
the Races
14C-Urea Breath Test Page
June 2004
Medicare Reimbursement Update; Radiopharmaceutical
Preparation: Helpful Hints for Nuclear Medicine
Technologists; KSNMT Fall Meeting; Survey Meter
Calibration; Day at the Races

Go to Radiopharmacy's
Reimbursement Page
May 2004
Patient Preparation for I-131 Scintigraphy or Therapy;
Infection and Inflammation Imaging; WBC Labeling Problems;
Radiopharmacy 'Day at the Races'; NMTCB Announces
Mandatory CE Policy; Evansville Otters Game
April 2004
Non-Radioactive Pharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine;
Linearity Check; Nuclear Medicine Supplies and Accessories;
Returning Doses for Credit
March 2004
Using PET in Early Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease;
Daylight Savings Time; Lead Times for Ordering Non Routine
Products; Nuclear Cardiology Update; After Hours Ordering;
New Faces at Radiopharmacy; New Arrival
February 2004
Nuclear Cardiology Interpretive Accuracy; In Memoriam;
Thyroid Uptake and Medications That Contain Iodine; Co-57
Source Rental and Radiation Safety Videos; KSNMT
Meeting; NRC Alert; New Arrival
Thyroid Pamphlet
January 2004 -- No Newsletter