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Radionuclide Activity (mCi) Above Which Instructions Are Required Activity (mCi) Above Which a Record is Required Recommended Duration of Interruption of Breast-Feeding
18F fludeoxyglucose (18FDG)     4 hours***
67Gallium citrate 0.04 0.2 Complete Cessation
99mTc mebrofenin (Choletec)     None
99mTc exametazime (Ceretec) 4 15 48 hours
99mTc medronate (MDP) 30 150 None
99mTc oxidronate (HDP)      
99mTc mertiatide (MAG3) 30 150 None
99mTc albumin aggregated (MAA) 1.3 6.5 12 hours
99mTc pentetate (DTPA) 30 150 None
99mTc sodium pertechnetate 3 15 4 hours
99mTc red blood cells, in vivo labeling 10 50 12 hours
99mTc red blood cells, in vitro labeling 30 150 None
99mTc sestamibi 30 150 None
99mTc sulfur colloid 7 35 None
111In leukocytes 0.2 1 None
123I sodium iodide 0.5 3 Complete Cessation
123I iobenguane (MIBG) 2 10 48 hours
131I sodium iodide 0.0004 0.002 Complete Cessation
201Thallous chloride 1 5 96 hours
*** Close contact with infant should be avoided or restricted to no more than 5 hours in the first 24 hours after radiopharmaceutical administration
  • The duration of interruption of breastfeeding is selected to reduce the maximum dose to a newborn infant to less than 0.1 rem, although the regulatory limit is 0.5 rem. The actual doses that would be received by most infants would be far below 0.1 rem. The physician may use discretion in the recommendation, increasing, or decreasing the duration of interruption.
  • Some nuclides are not byproduct material and are not regulated by the NRC. Information is presented for convenience of readers of this guide, who should be aware of the differences that might exist between regulations of the NRC and state requirements for non-NRC regulated material. Agreement State licensees should check with their state regulations before using these values.
  • Activities are rounded to one significant figure, except when considered appropriate to use two significant figures. Details of some calculations are shown on NUREG-1492, "Regulatory Analysis on Criteria for the Release of Patients Administered Radioactive Material".

     1. Kowalsky RJ and Falen SW. Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Pharmacy and Nuclear Medicine, 3rd ed. Washington, DC: American Pharmacists  
         Association; 2011.
     2. Regulatory guide 8.39. Release of Patients Administered Radioactive Materials. Washington, DC: US Nuclear Regulatory Commission; April 1997.

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