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Radiopharmacy, Inc. is a registered pharmacy specializing in the preparation and delivery of radioactive drugs for diagnostic and therapeutic use.

The pharmacy opened in December 1990 and currently provides comprehensive hot lab/pharmacy services for nuclear medicine departments within hospitals and clinics.

We are staffed by board certified nuclear pharmacists (BCNPs), technicians, and delivery personnel. The pharmacy serves as a clinical clerkship site for Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students, and provides internship opportunities for pharmacy students.

Here are some of the services we offer...

Basic Service
Radiopharmacy dispenses and delivers diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceuticals to hospitals and clinics twenty-four hours a day. Products from all major manufacturers are available through the pharmacy. Doses may be dispensed as prescriptions in patient specific unit dose syringes, or as bulk vials. Service includes the retrieval and decay of all radioactive waste from doses delivered.

Quality Control
All required regulatory and quality standards are assured for all doses delivered. Documentation of test results are supplied daily.

Educational Services
In-service programs to fulfill regulatory requirements are available upon request. Various audio and video programs are maintained for temporary use.

Professional Consultation
Experienced board certified nuclear pharmacists and technical personnel are available to answer questions regarding the pharmacology of radiopharmaceuticals, unexpected biodistributions, adverse reactions, drug interactions, radiation safety, regulatory requirements, reimbursement strategies, and more.

Research Assistance
Our offerings include literature searches, research design preparation, investigational drug procurement, specialized labeling procedures, pharmacokinetic analyses, dosimetry estimations, plus many other cognitive services.